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Who We Are

Siraj Studios is one of the first studios in the MENA region to develop high quality content using extended reality (XR) technologies (virtual and augmented realities).

We are a team of creative developers, 3D artists and media and business consultants all combined to make ideas awesome reality.

We make games and applications that are at another level of high quality and immersion, to add value to business, education, training, entertainment and more.

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Our Heritage Defines Us

We are proud of our heritage, we believe that the Arabic content needs professional talents to be able to nourish once more. Our heritage is the heart that keeps up the passion, and the new technology is the arm that masters the art and quality.

In Siraj Studios we believe in impact investing, so we use our talents, skills, and creativity to create beneficial impacts on our communities and the world. We have partnered with Sundos for Innovation and Development to deliver the best impact and quality work.

Our Features


We give you the most creative ideas and solutions. Whether Out of the box or in it, we provide unique solutions in different fields each that fits the needs of our client perfectly.

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High quality

The quality of our applications in VR, AR or 3D animation will be similar to that in the newest games and applications, which increases immersion and attractivity to clients.

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Our apps are developed from scratch according to the clients needs. We start making the content from ideas to actual development. We keep in contact with our clients to take feedback through the process to reach the best results.

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Our Technology

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR simulations can are best used to transform any idea into a whole new world of experiences, they can be interactive, immersive and full of imagination.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR transforms any traditional form of information into an immersive technology. It can add a huge value into almost anything.

3D Animation

3D Animation is a powerful media tool to deliver information smoothly and friendly. It can reach the clients very fast through the different social media platforms or tv channels.

Our Services

VR AR Development

VR/AR Idea Development

We turn your ideas into immersive experiences using VR and AR. Starting from the idea development and ending with a high quality VR/AR experience that exceeds your expectations.

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VR AR Development

VR/AR Training

We conduct training courses and lectures for universities, schools, institutes, or interested indivisuals. In our courses and lectures we focus on delivering information by experience and examples. We value art training as well as technical training to have the best results.

VR AR Development

AR/VR Consultation

Our experts provide specific consultations in XR technologies to your needs. This includes development as well as VR labs, best practices and more.


Technical and Vocational Training Corporation


Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation

Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation

Toyor Aljanah

Toyor Aljanah

Toyor Aljanah Baby

Toyor Aljanah Baby

Our Workflow

1. Finding The Solutions

  • We study all the aspects of your problem your problem
  • Our creative team brain storms the ideas that solve best your needs
  • Our consultants review the ideas for you to choose the most suitable.
  • We present the ideas for you to choose the most suitable.

2. Making the content

  • Our authors write the content including scenarios, dialogue and songs
  • Our consultants review the content and give feedback for the team
  • We take your feedback on the content before we start with the next phase

3. Technical and Art Development

  • 3D modeling, texturing and animation
  • Sound recording and SFX
  • VR/AR development
  • Final retouching and polishing



One of our main goals at Siraj Studios is to transfer the current education systems into more engaging, more creative and more accessible ones. Using XR technology in education does not only make it better, but also more fun!


XR can be used in the health sector for many cases. Training surgeons can be safer and more informative, symptom checking can be faster and more accurate, and mental training exercises could be much more efficient.


Imagine training your employees without the heavy costs or safety issues. Just put on the VR glasses and train. Repeat as much as needed.


XR makes military exercises safer and decreases the cost. This applies to firefighting and police training as well.


Using XR in museums or tourist areas, even on maps and more.


Our games always have a good story and a spice of moral values.

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